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animal spirit guides, power animals, birds,
shaman, guidance, totem animals, wisdom

Messages from your
Animal Spirit Guides

artist unknown

animal spirit guides, power animals, birds,
insects, guidance, totem animals, wisdom

Personal Readings AND Free Oracle Cards

Scroll down for the FREE cards

The phrase "Animal Spirit Guides" is just what the name implies: Spirit Guides who are in animal form.
Sometimes they are called spirit animals, totem animals or power animals; and while the specific meanings of those terms may vary somewhat, all of them can be referred to as animal spirit guides.
An Animal Spirit Guide can be any animal, insect, 'mythical' creature or bird from a Butterfly to a Boar, a Raven to an Elephant, or a Seagull to a Dragon, Unicorn, Eagle or Dove.
It is believed that these ethereal beings, through their spiritual powers, help us in our daily lives
by providing protection, guidance and healing.

Personal Animal Spirit Guide Readings

Please read the following information carefully before completing the request form.
Your Reading will consist of 5 Cards:
There will be Three Main Cards, which will give you help and guidance showing you what your Animal Spirit Guides would like you to know. The cards tell you which three Animal Spirit Guides are around you at this time, their specific guidance, some other “one word” associations which should also ring true for you,
and when to call on each animal guide for help.
Next - your Power Animal – you will see from the request form that you have the opportunity to either name your own *Power Animal, or have the animal identified for you. Either way, the Power Animal Card will tell how your character traits are reflected in the animal chosen.
Finally, you will see that you have a choice from over 40 “topics” in a drop-down menu to highlight which area of your life you are looking for particular guidance in.
From this, The last card will advise you which Animal Spirit Guide to call on to help you in that specific area of your life.
Please note that the charge for this Personal Reading is £8.00 and that your Reading
will be e-mailed to you within three working days of receipt of request and payment.

Animal Spirit Guides

Your Name *
Your Date of Birth *
Your E -Mail *
Your Country of Residence *
I think that my Power Animal is
Would you like to have your Power Animal identified for you? *
 Yes, please 
 No, thank you 
What particular area of your life are you seeking guidance with? *

Scroll down for the FREE cards

animal spirit guides, power animals, birds,
insects, guidance, totem animals, wisdom, shamanism, shaman, butterflies

animal spirit guides, power animals, birds,
shaman, guidance, totem animals, wisdom

The FREE Animal Spirit Guide Oracle Cards

Here you can choose your own free card(s) from those shown below, by instinct.
You will see 32 Oracle Cards in front of you
and your Animal Spirit Guide is waiting to identify itself and help you today.
Firstly, just look at the cards and try to empty your mind of any mundane everyday thoughts.
Concentrate on the Cards and then either ask your Guides to let you know what they want you to focus on today, or ask them a question about something that may be worrying you, or that you need specific guidance on.
Close your eyes for a few seconds, and when you open them click on the first card that your instinct takes you to.
This will show you which Animal Spirit Guide is with you and helping you
and the guidance they are showing you to steer you on the right course.
Your first thoughts when reading your message will invariably be the right ones.

n.b: The free cards here depict just short messages from only a few
of the hundreds of animals which can be called upon as spirit guides.

Click here to get some help identifying YOUR Power Animal

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"My Angel Card Readings"
please click on the link below.

My Angel Card Readings
A huge and relaxing site
where you will find:
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♥ Free Angel Message Cards
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♥ Free Angel Love Cards & Messages
♥ Angel Wishes
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♥ Angel thoughts, sayings & quotes
♥ The Fairy Realm
♥ Fairy Folk Fantasy Art
♥ Living & Healing with Crystals
♥ Healing with the Angels
♥ The Healing Waterfall
♥ The Guardian Angel
♥ Daily Horoscopes
♥ Quizzes and Polls
and lots more!

I would like to thank Steven D Farmer for giving me
his personal permission and blessings to implement his writing/teaching on this web-page.
Please also visit Steven's website to discover more about him and his work.

Please note: I am obliged by law to state that these Animal Spirit Guide Card Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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* If you are the original artist of any of the gifs/pictures displayed on this or any other page on this site, and would like credit given or do not
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