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maya, mayans, 2012, spiritual

mayan, 2012, spiritual

The Mayan Calendar

2012, spiritual

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There has been a lot of fear-based speculation about the events due to occur at end of 2012, because of the conclusion of the Mayan calendar on the 2012 winter solstice. There are many complicated theories that surround the intentions/knowledge of the Mayans when they devised this calendar, so I decided to do some research and pass on, in simple terms, what I now personally believe to be the spiritual truth about 21.12.2012.
You, of course, will decide for yourself......
The Mayans originated in a region called Mesoamerica which lies between Mexico and South America, a region which was home to many cultures, including the Aztecs.
The life of the Maya revolved around the concept of time. Priests were consulted on all matters, and their advice would be derived from readings of the sacred calendars.
The Mayan people had many calendars, and in August 3114 BC they devised the Long Count Calendar to last approximately 5126.36 years, a time period they referred to as The Great Cycle.
This Calendar - the one that has caused much fear and speculation - expires on December 21st 2012, marking the end of the current Great Cycle.
There are NO Mayan writings that predict the end of the world when this Great Cycle ends, indeed current Mayan scholars and natives dismiss these apocalyptic theories, saying rather that the end of the calendar should be regarded as a time of great celebration.
The most significant event expected for the Winter Solstice 2012 is that the Sun will align with the centre of the Milky Way galaxy for the first time in approximately 25,800 years.
With that - the next Great Cycle will begin.
I believe that this new Great Cycle will be a time of a massive worldwide Spiritual Awakening .... an exciting and fulfilling time for us all, where we will learn how to live in harmony with one another and learn the spiritual truths.

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2012 - The Spiritual Awakening

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mayan, 2012, spiritual

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